An Independent Old Catholic Franciscan Community
of the Reformed Catholic Church
The order Franciscans of Mercy is not connected with the Roman Catholic Church or the Order Friars Minor
Welcome to the Order of Franciscans of Mercy
The Order Franciscans of Mercy is an Ecumenical Franciscan community of the Reformed Catholic Church .  Incorporated as Mission Saints Sergius & Bacchus , a Massachusetts religious nonprofit church.

We are a Franciscan Community of companions, Married and single who have dedicated themselves to live out the call of St. Francis, “Go rebuild My Church!”, as a call to each one of us to encourage unity within the Mystical Body of Christ, The Church, and to gather all who accept Christ as their redeemer and savior together as is their right by their Baptism.

We welcome all people who feel called to serve God and God's children without discrimination and with compassion and mercy.  We are dedicated to healing those who have been hurt by some church's actions of discrimination and selectivity, but yearn for a Catholic spirituality, liturgy and to partake of the Eucharist. We welcome and encourage the inclusion of women and married persons into the priesthood.​​
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We live our vows as partnered/married or single persons, male and female, under the rule of life established by St. Francis. The vow of Chastity is not a requirement but is encouraged for single persons.  We identify strongly with Jesus’ call to Saint Francis to “Go, rebuild my Church!”  We understand this as a call to affirm and proclaim the Divine Mercy and Infinite Love of God for all people regardless of their race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender Identity, or marital status. Members of the Order may serve as lay apostles, vowed brothers, sisters, deacons and priests in parish ministries, hospital and nursing home ministries and outreach programs to the poor, homeless, youth, seniors, marginalized and forgotten.
Urgent Plea
As of Today, December 10, 2017 we do not have enough funds in our bank account to pay all of the regular January bills. In order to have enough in our mission account to insure our meeting our financial obligations for January, we must raise at least $355.00
If you believe the work our ministry does is important then please consider making a donation using the either PAYPAL DONATION buttons found on our web sites www.missionstsergius.org & www.orderfranciscansofmercy.org or by sending your donation directly to our Mission Bank 

Mission Sts. Sergius & Bacchus
C/O Middlesex Savings Bank 
830 Washington Street
Holliston, MA 01746

Without your generosity the work of our ministry to hospices, nursing homes, shut -ins and the TV show will not be
able to continue.  We thank Chris D. Joan C., Ernestine McHugh, Dr. Clive T., Jens O., TGuenter B., Albert M. , Tanya D., Betty R., Marc S., Brian K., Paul M., Eric S., Tara S., Blake D., Connie H., Peter MacN., John C., Susan M., and Roy B. for theirSupport throughout this year without which our ministry would not exist.